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Terms and Conditions

Charter Bus Australia endeavours to endure your planned activity is your special occasion. We do have a few terms and conditions to ensure your day outing or transfer is what you expect from us.

If you have any queries on our Terms and Conditions please contact our office for further assistance on 1300 880 989.

We reserve the right to change the Terms and Conditions without notice.

  • Seat belts must be worn in all buses that have them fitted.
  • NO SMOKING is allowed on any of our buses at any time.(It is against the law in Western Australia to smoke in a Public Transport Vehicle)
  • NO FOOD is to be consumed in any of our vehicles at any time. It is against the law in WA to eat (except for medical reasons) on any Public Transport Vehicle unless written permission is given.
  • NO ALCOHOL is to be consumed in any of our vehicles. Any special requests for consuming alcohol must be made in writing at least 48 hours prior to departure. The consuming of alcohol will incur an additional fee plus a bond of $500 paid in advance. If permission has been given to consume alcohol, the customers must ensure that all alcohol is disposed of in a proper manner. Any spillages will incur a clean-up fee of $100 inc GST (Minibus), $200 inc GST (Coach) for floor spillages & $200 inc GST per seat where spillage occurs. Red wine spillage and vomiting, fee is doubled.
  • The Hirer is responsible for the cost of repairs resulting from any damage caused to the vehicle by any members of the hiring party, during the charter or hiring of the vehicle and is payable as soon as such cost is determined.
  • Charter Bus Australia reserves the right to charge the hirer for all extra charges, cleaning and damage fees, fines and penalties.
  • Any additional payments required resulting from damage, cleaning, fines or penalties will be claimed from the Hirer.
  • The Hirer is responsible for allocating a safe & legal pick up point. The Hirer shall be liable for all fines & penalties resulting from inappropriate or illegal pick up locations in clearways, no stopping zones, no parking zones and no standing zones.
  • All passengers must be seated at all times when the vehicle is moving.
  • At no time at all should any passenger throw objects out of the windows or have any part of their body outside the vehicle while the vehicle is on route.
  • Charter Bus Australia reserves the right to terminate a charter if any actions are deemed threatening or dangerous to the Driver or other passengers.
  • The Driver is authorized to have an unruly passenger removed, who is threatening or placing the driver or passengers in a dangerous situation. (The removal of a passenger will not occur if it places that passenger at some form of risk, but the matter may be reported to the Police if deemed necessary by the Driver or the Management of Charter Bus Australia).
  • All Quotes are valid for 7 days and may vary after this time to cover any additional costs for fuel or Government charges.
  • Quotes given that require outsourcing of larger buses can only be held for 24hrs, after which time that size bus may no longer be available.
  • Charter Bus Australia reserves the right to outsource Charter Bus work, when it is unable to undertake a booking because of vehicle availability. (This will not result in an increase in the agreed quote provided unless the vehicle provided is specifically requested by the client).
  • Any variations to the original charter booking may incur additional charges and fees.
  • The method of payment is to be arranged prior to the bus charter.
  • Any failure of payment of deposit will result in a cancellation of the booking.
  • A Security Bond of A$200.00 or 30% of the total hire charge per bus is required to confirm booking.
  • Direct Deposit or Personal cheques are required at our office at least 3 working days prior to the booking for bank clearance.
  • Payment by business cheque is accepted on receipt of our invoice.
  • 50% of Bond is forfeited if less than 7 days???????? notice is given of any cancellations.
  • Credit Card payments - email card details.
  • Cash payment can be paid directly to the driver on the day of the charter and prior to its commencement.
  • Bond is returned within one week of event, if no damage or special cleaning required.
  • All lost property will be returned to Charter Bus Australia office and registered in our Lost & Found Register. All lost property can be collected from our office between 08:00 till 17:00 Monday to Friday.

Charter Bus Australia reserves the right to add interest at the rate of:

7% compound interest per calendar month after the date by which payment should have been made.

Any costs and/or fees that are incurred on the Professional Costs as a result of Charter Bus Australia having to refer the file externally to a Debt Recovery Agency and/or Lawyers will be borne by the client. These Costs will be pursued until paid.

  • The Hirer is responsible for reserving and paying for a separate room and meals for each driver for any overnight tour or charter.
  • A thorough itinerary is required for extended overnight trips at least two (2) weeks prior to departure and the final itinerary must be received at least one (1) week prior to departure.

Prices are subject to change based on the final itinerary.